Yair Lurie, Welladapt founder., to speak on mobile heart rate variability therapies for hypertension at the 42nd WABN Annual Conference

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              Yair Lurie, Welladapt, Inc., founder,  will give a talk on the use of mobile heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback to reduce blood pressure at the 42nd annual Western Association for Biofeedback and Neuroscience’s (WABN) conference on Nov. 5, 2017.

             WellAdapt is a digital therapeutic startup that focuses on increasing wellness and reducing the risks associated with hypertension in the workplace.  Cardiowell, a mobile application developed by Welladapt, is the first product from the company that tracks blood pressure, health and wellness to help lower blood pressure and predict sickness.  The talk will cover the link between stress, emotions, and hypertension and explain how mobile health technologies can help manage a variety of chronic diseases. 

            Welladapt works in part by increasing mindfulness helps with. Yair Lurie said in an interview that “by continuously monitoring a person's heart rate variability, we can increase awareness of events that raise blood pressure. Coupled with mindful nudges, we help users adapt to such events using mindful breathing exercises.  Cardiowell helps in part by helping to normalize a user’s breathing patterns and reducing stress on the cardiovascular system.  Over time, we hope to reduce a person's dependence on medications.”

           WABN included WellAdapt on its list of presenters for the 42nd dual-track annual conference in Costa Mesa. This year’s WABN conference theme is “Integrative Mind-Body Therapies and Neuroscience Training."  Learn more about at their event web-page

          WellAdapt will be hosting a live stream of the talk on Sunday, Nov. 5th from 10:30-11:45 at their Facebook page.  See it here: https://www.facebook.com/welladapt/.

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WellAdapt joins Transtech 2017’s list of key innovators

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           WellAdapt. Inc, a new hypertension digital therapeutic company has been selected to be included in Transformative Technology (TransTech) 200’s list of key innovators of 2017.

            TransTech 200 is an annual list of the key innovators “who are transforming the way our minds and bodies transcend stress and expand our mental and emotional capacity.” The list aims to recognize key innovators, makers, researchers, influencers, financiers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who “contribute via Transformative Technology research, creation, and/or distribution.”

            WellAdapt is being recognized for its Cardiowell solution, a mobile digital therapeutic application that enables users to manage their blood pressure, improve their health and help prevent sickness.  According to Yair Lurie, Welladapt Inc., founder, “Cardiowell utilizes wearable technologies to analyze changes between each heartbeat while allowing the users to become aware of when their blood pressure may be rising and teaches mindful exercises to counteract the effects.  Over time the user's breathing normalizes and wellness increases.  The solution supports cellular-enabled blood pressure devices allowing results to be securely shared with healthcare providers to ensure blood pressure and medications are being well controlled.”


         WellAdapt will be demonstrating the Cardiowell solution at The Transformative Technology Conference held on Oct 13th & 14th in Palo Alto, CA.  It is the only conference focused on tech for mental and emotional wellbeing (www.ttconf.org).

       Cardiowell is joining the ranks of various startups, and well-known companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Nike, and Epson are on this year’s list. 

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WellAdapt, Inc up against 12 startups in Santa Barbara Startup Mashup 2017


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          WellAdapt, Inc., a digital therapeutic startup, is competing against 12 other startups in the first Santa Barbara Startup Mashup 2017 according to the competition’s official website. 

             WellAdapt, Inc., is a digital startup that focuses on blood pressure management by using mobile technology and cloud-connected devices.

            “We are excited to participate and be given the opportunity to share how our digital therapeutic and disease modeling solutions can help manage hypertension – the leading cause of death in the world,” said Yair Lurie, founder of Welladapt, Inc. 
              The competition will kick-off on September 28, 6 P.M. at The Sandbox. The event will grant 14 Santa Barbara startups “a chance to showcase their startup in front of a packed audience of investors, mentors, the media, your peers, friends and family... and win a number of opportunities and prizes.” 
               Winners of the competition will also get a chance to compete for StartupSB and TechCo’s Startup of the Year competition in San Francisco. 
                The event is sponsored by StartupSB, THE SANDBOX, Tech.CO, 1776, Revolution Ventures, Surf Air, Nest Apart, Cox Business, Cal Lutheran University's Center for Entreprenurship and Tight Ship Design. Moreover, 1776 (www.1776.vc) and Revolution Ventures have included Santa Barbara in the 2017 Challenge Cup to create more opportunities for startups. For more information about the Challenge Cup, visit https://www.1776.vc/ challenge-cup.

WellAdapt Inc. Announces Cardiowell, a Digital Health Therapeutic for Hypertension

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Cardiowell the world’s first digital therapeutic for hypertension to help lower the risks associated with hypertension was announced today by WellAdapt Inc. Cardiowell is addressing one of mobile health’s biggest wellness monitoring opportunities by trying to reduce the risks associated with hypertension and stroke by as much as 44%.

According to Centers for Disease Control, three out of four people will die prematurely because of a chronic disease that could have been prevented. One in three people in the USA has hypertension which kills one person every three minutes and will increase by 60% over the next nine years.

Because of the shortage of doctors and nurses, and changes in health insurance, people need to take greater responsibility for their health. Digital therapeutic solutions are now increasingly available to help. To be effective, solutions must be designed to be easy to use and seamlessly fits into a person’s lifestyle.

The digital therapeutic aims to improve health and wellness by combining blood pressure monitoring, medication management, and mindful breathing to help users lower blood pressure. The mobile health platform is based on psychophysiological and behavioral medicine, which empower users to gain greater control of their health and well-being.

Cardiowell is the first to integrate blood pressure monitoring, medication management, and mindful breathing. Based on research, the solution is expected to naturally lower systolic blood pressure by as much as 17 points.

The open platform supports the AppleWatch, consumer heart rate monitors, and medical devices. Cardiowell blood pressure and weight devices connect directly to cellular networks allowing for continuous monitoring. Heart rate monitors detect fluctuations in the heart rhythm allowing analysis of the changes between heartbeats to understand the present and future states of health and wellness.

Yair Lurie, who invented the solution with the goal of helping people take fewer medications, stated that “by continuously monitoring heart rate variability and other vital signs, health and wellness can be tracked and days, where extra rest is advised, can be identified. Over time we expect a user’s breathing to normalize and blood pressure reduced.” The patent pending solution is particularly useful in the workplace which accounts close to 25% of a person's life.

WellAdapt Inc. is developing solutions to reduce the risks associated with hypertension and other chronic diseases. The company aspires to help users gain greater control of their health while reducing medications, hospitalizations, and doctor visits.

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